Ilia Topuria vs Max Holloway: El Matador Issues Knockout Warning Getty

Ilia Topuria vs Max Holloway: El Matador Issues Knockout Warning



April 15th, 2024

The UFC featherweight division is buzzing with anticipation after a thrilling turn of events. Ilia Topuria, a rising star known as "El Matador," has agreed to fight the legendary Max Holloway. This highly anticipated matchup Ilia Topuria vs Max Holloway promises fireworks inside the octagon.

Holloway's Dominant Victory and Topuria's Challenge

Max Holloway solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with at UFC 300. He delivered a spectacular knockout against Justin Gaethje, securing the BMF (Baddest Mother F****r) championship title. This victory reignited discussions about his next opponent, and Holloway wasted no time calling out Topuria.

Respectful Rivalry: A Shared Desire for the Fight

Despite the bold challenge, there's a layer of respect between the two fighters. Topuria acknowledged Holloway's impressive career and achievements. He also confirmed, during a post-fight meeting, that Holloway would likely be his next opponent if he emerged victorious at UFC 300.


A Shot at History at Ilia Topuria vs Max Holloway

Following Holloway's win, Topuria took to social media to offer congratulations and a friendly warning. He expressed his admiration for Holloway's journey and accomplishments. However, Topuria also made a bold statement, claiming he'll be the first person to knock Holloway out.

Intrigue Surrounds a Potential Matchup

This potential fight has captured the imagination of UFC fans. Max Holloway boasts an undefeated record by KO, making Topuria's claim all the more intriguing. Can El Matador be the one to finally extinguish Holloway's lights? Only time will tell.


While no official date has been set for Ilia Topuria vs Max Holloway, one thing is certain: this clash of styles promises an explosive encounter. Keep an eye on upcoming UFC fight announcements to see when these two warriors will step into the octagon and settle their score.

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