Ilia Topuria vs Alexander Volkanovski Gets Heated

Ilia Topuria vs Alexander Volkanovski Gets Heated



February 8th, 2024

On February 17, we will finally we will finally witness the much anticipated match : Ilia Topuria vs Alexander Volkanovski. Will the "matador" be the first First Spanish UFC champion? Or will Alexander "the great" Volkanovski keep his title.

El Matador aims to dethrone MMA's standard, called The Great, and the Georgian Hispanic is full of confidence. And why shouldn't he be, given his professional record of 14 victories from 14 fights, including eight submissions and four KO? He went and sent some warnings to Volkanovski on MMA hour,

'It's going to be a first-round knockout. You will see,"

"He's saying a lot of bulls**t, 'There's levels, I have this and I have that, dah, dah, dah.'

Topuria Bursts With Confidence

"You are talking to the best fighter in the world," Topuria stated. All the fighters believe and work that they are the best in the world and Topuria doe not make an exception from this rule. He considers himself the best above all and cites that Volkanovski should bow out and sail off into the sunset at the age of 35.

If manages to get the Win out of Volkanovski Topuria does not believe the UFC will give him a big name like Holloway, Ortega, or Rodriguez. He does admit that he is only focused on his forthcoming battle and that the promotion knows best.

However, another major subject surrounding Ilia is Conor McGregor. El Matador has been questioned about the Irishman for quite some time. He is confident that The Notorious and he would make an excellent match.

With so much at stake this match Ilia Topuria vs Alexander Volkanovski will be a battle of the ages for the fans word widely.

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