Hiba Abouk's two words about Achraf Hakimi

Hiba Abouk's two words about Achraf Hakimi



December 18th, 2023

Hiba Abouk has returned to public life months after her separation with former Real Madrid footballer Achraf Hakimi became public and spoke spoke about her relationship with ex-husband Hakimi. Hiba Abouk's two words about Achraf Hakimi were Cordiality and respect

Her separation with PSG star Hakimi did not help her avoid the spotlight. But it looks like Abouk is finally ready to talk about what happened between the pair as she outlines her new career projects.
Following charges that he raped a woman, Morocco international Hakimi was examined by the French prosecutor's office in February. Following the end of their investigation, he was charged with rape and placed under court supervision.

According to reports at the time, the event led to the end of his relationship with Abouk, who opted to break their marriage after five years and two children together, entirely distancing herself from the 25-year-old.
"My husband and I made the decision to end our relationship before the events that happened in which I have been involved and of which I am totally oblivious," Abouk wrote at the time on her personal social media account.

The present situation between Abouk and Hakimi

Almost a year after their divorce was finalized, the actress has spoken out about her current connection with the PSG footballer, insisting there is no bad blood between them.

The 37-year-old Spanish actress went on to declare that she has not fully ruled out the possibility of falling in love again, and that she is open to meet someone else if the occasion comes

"With Achraf there is cordiality and respect," Abouk said.
"One is always eager to meet someone," she stated when questioned about the potential of a new relationship. You're more demanding now, you're learning, and these are life lessons."

With the coming of Christmas, Abouk looks to be happy and prospering as a single woman, and she is open to beginning a new relationship after separating from her ex-husband.

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