European Super League Survey: Fans Overwhelmingly in Favor (65%+)

European Super League Survey: Fans Overwhelmingly in Favor (65%+)



March 5th, 2024

A new survey has revealed a significant level of support for the controversial European Super League (ESL) among European football fans. Conducted by Opinionway for A22 Sports, the survey shows that 72% of respondents across eight major European countries are in favor of the league's creation.

Strong Backing Across Age Groups

The survey highlights a broad consensus across different age demographics. Notably, younger fans aged 15-35 express the strongest support, likely drawn to the innovative format and fairer competition proposed by the ESL.

High Approval Rates in Southern Europe

The highest approval rates were recorded in Spain (84%), Portugal (81%), and Italy (80%). This aligns with previous observations regarding stronger support for the ESL in Southern European countries.

Majority Support in Major European Leagues:

Despite some initial skepticism, a majority of fans in the United Kingdom (65%) and Germany (61%) also expressed support for the ESL. Additionally, fans of major clubs like Juventus (96%), Real Madrid (93%), Barcelona (89%), and others, showcased significant enthusiasm for the proposed league.

The European Super League survey further revealed that 91% of fans agree with the proposal for a free streaming platform called UNIFY to broadcast ESL matches. This indicates a strong desire for broader accessibility to football content amongst fans.

Momentum for Change

The survey findings suggest a pan-European momentum for change in football. Fans seem to favor the ESL's proposition of an innovative format, fairer competition, and increased accessibility.

While the survey provides valuable insights, it is crucial to acknowledge that the ESL remains a contentious topic. Opponents continue to raise concerns about potential negative impacts on smaller clubs and the traditional structure of European football. The future of the ESL will depend on further discussions and considerations from all stakeholders involved in the sport.

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