European Court approves creation of European Super League

European Court approves creation of European Super League



December 21st, 2023

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) sent shockwaves through the football world earlier this month with its landmark ruling regarding the controversial European Super League (ESL). While some interpreted it as a green light for the breakaway competition's revival, a closer look reveals a more nuanced picture.

A Blow to FIFA and UEFA's Control

The crux of the ECJ's decision lies in its condemnation of FIFA and UEFA's control over interclub competitions. As the ruling declared, "The FIFA and UEFA rules on prior approval of interclub football competitions, such as the Super League, are contrary to EU law. They are contrary to competition law and the freedom to provide services." This echoes the ESL's long-standing argument that these restrictions stifle innovation and financial fairness.

However, as LaLiga's swift response points out, the ECJ's ruling stops short of explicitly endorsing the ESL. "LALIGA stresses that the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) does not sanction the European Super League and that in 2022 UEFA already included a modification to its regulations for the authorisation of new competitions, which is now adapted to what the CJEU is ruling."

UEFA Adapts, ESL's Path Remains Unclear

Indeed, UEFA has amended its regulations in 2022 to comply with the ECJ's principles. This new framework, while more transparent and objective, still grants UEFA veto power in certain scenarios. As LaLiga emphasizes, "Although the promoters of the Super League claim that this judgment is in their favour, the reality is that the CJEU has been clear in stating that 'it does not mean that a competition such as the Super League project must necessarily be approved.' The Court, having been asked generally about the FIFA and UEFA rules, does not rule on that specific project in its judgement."

Opportunity for Dialogue and Reform

Therefore, the path to establishing a breakaway league like the European Super League remains far from clear. The ruling does, however, present an opportunity for a broader discussion about the future of European football. The tensions between financial sustainability for top clubs, competitive balance across leagues, and fan engagement are brought into sharp focus. This is where the real significance of the ECJ's decision lies.

It challenges the established power structures within European football, forcing stakeholders to engage in honest dialogue about potential reforms. Perhaps this will lead to a more equitable and sustainable model for club competitions, one that incorporates the best aspects of open competition while preserving the traditions and values cherished by fans.

The Future Unwritten

The future of the European Super League remains uncertain. While the ECJ's ruling has undoubtedly shifted the landscape, it has not guaranteed its success. The path forward is likely to be fraught with complex legal battles, negotiations, and fan protests. Nonetheless, this pivotal moment offers a chance to reshape the future of European football, ensuring its vitality and relevance for generations to come.

Key Topics

The ECJ condemned FIFA and UEFA's rules on prior approval and exclusive commercial control, deeming them anti-competitive and hindering market freedom.

This aligns with the ESL's claims of fostering open competition and financial fairness for top clubs.

However, the ruling doesn't explicitly endorse the ESL, and UEFA has already adapted its regulations to comply with the ECJ's principles.

The path forward for the ESL remains unclear, with legal battles, negotiations, and fan protests likely to shape its future.

The ECJ's decision presents an opportunity for a broader discussion about reforming European football to address financial sustainability, competitive balance, and fan engagement.

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