Dreamt of Retiring at Barcelona, Now Reunited with Messi, Alba and Busquets at Inter Miami

Dreamt of Retiring at Barcelona, Now Reunited with Messi, Alba and Busquets at Inter Miami

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January 15th, 2024

Former Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has opened up about his reunion with Lionel Messi, Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets at Inter Miami, revealing that they all dreamed of retiring at the Camp Nou.

Suarez, who made his official debut for Inter Miami on Sunday, spoke to the media for the first time since joining the MLS club and admitted that he never expected to play alongside his former teammates again.

"I didn't imagine we would be together again because I thought Leo would finish his career at Barcelona," Suarez said. “In 2019 we imagined winning everything at Barcelona and we dreamed of retiring there. First I left and then they all left after me.”

Despite their departures from Barcelona, the friendship between the four players remains strong, and Suarez revealed that they are all looking forward to watching this Sunday's El Clasico together.

"We haven't talked about it yet but we're certainly going to meet up to watch it because we like football, we like Barcelona and a Super Cup final is always nice to see," Suarez said. "You know which team we will be rooting for. I wish the club and some of my team-mates there all the best."

Suarez also spoke about the current situation at Barcelona, admitting that the team is under construction but that he is confident they will overcome their recent struggles.

"The current situation is what counts, being in a Super Cup final shows what a good team they are," Suarez said. "I know that in the league they are not at the level expected of them, but they are in spells.

"The team is under construction, a lot of new players, and it's difficult but little by little all the problems they have will be solved. The first thing is tomorrow, that they try to win a cup, which will always help Xavi and the whole team, both morally and emotionally."

One of the main reasons Suarez decided to join Inter Miami was the opportunity to reunite with his former teammates, and he admitted that they all spoke highly of the city and the club.

"Everyone has their own life and family, they spoke to me very well, they are very happy," he continued.

"Some find it more difficult, others less so. Sergio was leaving for the first time and the change can be a bit difficult, but today he told me that the children are fine, that's important.

"Jordi too, after so many years in Barcelona, a big change, three children, it's difficult. Leo was more used to it and I'm even more used to it than them because of the changes I've made. I can give them more advice than they can give me about life outside."

Suarez is clearly excited to be back playing with his friends, and he reflected on the special bond they share.

"It's nice, remembering the great moments we had together at the club we all dreamed of, Barcelona," Suarez said. "Another reason is to meet them again. That image brings back nice memories and it's time to show it on the pitch. We are very ambitious and professional, we are committed.

"We have to dream big and why not dream of four titles. It's up to us, we have to show it on the pitch."

With Suarez, Messi, Alba and Busquets all reunited at Inter Miami, the MLS is set for an exciting season. The quartet will be hoping to recreate the magic they shared at Barcelona and bring success to their new club.

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