Draymond Green Flagrant Foul Stirs Controversy in Warriors Loss

Draymond Green Flagrant Foul Stirs Controversy in Warriors Loss



March 27th, 2024

Draymond Green's fiery temper once again landed him in hot water during the Golden State Warriors' 92-113 loss to the Miami Heat. In a controversial moment, Draymond Green grabbed Patty Mills by the neck, drawing a foul but not the flagrant call many expected. This flagrant foul call, or lack thereof, has reignited discussions about Draymond Green with his on-court behavior and his reputation as a dirty player.

Green's History of Flagrant Fouls

While the Warriors secured a season-high 28 points from Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry's 17 points, and a combined 35 points and 14 rebounds from Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga, the night was overshadowed by Green's actions. The Miami crowd and commentators alike voiced their disapproval, believing a flagrant foul caused by Draymond Green was warranted. This latest incident adds to Green's troubled history of on-court altercations.

Just last December, Green received an indefinite suspension from the NBA for his "repeated history of unsportsmanlike actions." This suspension stemmed from his third ejection of the season, a result of punching Jusuf Nurkic of the Phoenix Suns in the face. Warriors coach Steve Kerr, upon learning of the suspension, expressed hope that the time away would be a chance for Green to reflect and improve his on-court behavior. Kerr acknowledged the suspension's importance, stating, "This is about more than basketball: it's about helping Draymond Green."

Can Draymond Green Control his Flagrant Foul?

This recent incident with Patty Mills raises questions about whether Green has truly learned from his past transgressions. Last week's scuffle with Spanish player Santi Aldama further fuels these concerns. With the playoffs approaching, the Warriors need Green's talent and leadership on the court. However, his undisciplined behavior continues to be a liability. The team must determine if Green can manage his emotions and play within the rules, or if his penchant for flagrant fouls will ultimately cost them dearly.

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