Draymond Green Ejected Again after just 4 min in

Draymond Green Ejected Again after just 4 min in



March 28th, 2024

Draymond Green was once again at the center of controversy after being ejected just four minutes into the Golden State Warriors' game against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday night. This latest incident adds to a growing list of fiery moments for the veteran forward, raising questions about his impact on the team.

Draymond Green Ejected for Heated Exchange with Official

The drama unfolded in the first quarter when Green, known for his passionate approach to the game, was called for a foul while guarding Magic's Paolo Banchero. Unhappy with the call, Green engaged in a heated exchange with official Ray Acosta, which quickly escalated. Green's barrage of verbal attacks resulted in a double technical foul and his  ejection from the game.

Reports indicate that even after his ejection, Green continued to direct inappropriate remarks towards Acosta, solidifying the official's decision. This outburst adds to a string of controversial moments for Green this season, including an on-court incident where he appeared to target an opponent's neck.

Draymond Green Ejection Leaves Warriors Shorthanded

Green's ejection comes at a particularly challenging time for the Warriors. The team is already battling injuries to key players like Jonathan Kuminga, and Green's absence further strains their depth, especially as they fight for playoff positioning in the competitive Western Conference.

Will the League Take Action?

Despite facing suspensions earlier in the season, Green's penchant for controversy continues unabated. This begs the question: will the NBA take more decisive action to address his behavior? Some believe an ejection, or even a longer suspension, might be necessary to curb his disruptive antics.

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Steph Curry Carries the Warriors

With Draymond Green sidelined after being ejected, the responsibility of leading the Warriors now falls even more heavily on the shoulders of Stephen Curry. Curry will need to navigate the team through these turbulent waters, further highlighting the increasingly divisive nature of Green's presence within the Warriors' ranks.

While Green is undoubtedly a talented player, his fiery temper and tendency for outbursts raise questions about his overall value to the team. This ejection has many wondering if the Warriors might actually benefit from his temporary absence. Only time will tell if Green can learn to control his emotions and contribute to the team's success in a positive way.

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