Dani Alves Breaks Silence in First Interview Since Release PA

Dani Alves Breaks Silence in First Interview Since Release



April 8th, 2024

Following his release from prison on bail, Dani Alves recently offered his first public comments in an interview with El Periodico. The interview, conducted while Dani Alves dined with friend Bruno Brazil at Mr. Porter restaurant, shed some light on his current situation.

Dani Alves Discusses Life After Release in First Interview

Alves remained cautious when discussing his ongoing legal case.

"Every Friday, I go to court. That's it," he stated. "The game I have to play is in court. Wherever I go, I survive. I adapt to everything because for me, it's not the place that makes the person, but the person that makes the place."

Beyond the legal case, details emerged regarding Alves personal life. In the Dani Alves interview, he was pictured enjoying a meal that included roasted leek, hot peppers, slow-roasted lamb osso buco, wagyu beef, truffled corn polenta, Thai sherbet, and Pinot noir wine.

Relationship Update: Sanz and Alves Reunite


The interview also addressed the status of his relationship with Joana Sanz. Rumors of a breakup swirled after his arrest, but Sanz dispelled them by sharing a photo of them holding hands, with a tattoo symbolizing unity visible: "1 + 1 = 1." According to the program "Fiesta," the couple has since reunited at their residence in Esplugues de Llobregat to discuss the future of their relationship.

This Dani Alves interview marks a turning point as he navigates both the legal challenges and personal ramifications of the recent events. While details surrounding the case remain guarded, Alves' comments offer a glimpse into his mindset and unwavering spirit.

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