Dana White Slams Politicians and Media, Prefers Podcast Freedom

Dana White Slams Politicians and Media, Prefers Podcast Freedom



February 12th, 2024

UFC President Dana White launched a verbal takedown of politicians and the media on the Pat McAfee Show, showcasing his preference for podcasts due to their lack of "agendas" and "gotcha" moments. This shift reflects Dana White's growing disillusionment with traditional media formats.

Ditching the Script, Embracing Openness

Typically a staple of pre-fight press conferences and interviews, Dana White revealed his disenchantment with mainstream media. He praised the authenticity of podcasts like McAfee's, stating, "I'll come hang with you... people want to talk to you because you're not the media. There's no agenda, no clickbait, just genuine discussions." This preference highlights Dana White's desire for open and honest conversations, a stark contrast to his perception of traditional media.

Dana White's fiery critique targeted two groups often criticized for their perceived inauthenticity: politicians and the media. He declared, "Let me tell you... two of the most hated people in this country right now are the politicians and the media." This statement resonated with many viewers, reflecting a growing public disaffection with these institutions. Dana White's voice served as a powerful megaphone for this sentiment, further amplifying the public's desire for more genuine interaction with public figures.

Trump and Dana White

Despite his criticism of politicians, Dana White acknowledged his long-standing friendship with former President Donald Trump, currently running for President again. He clarified, "Everything thinks I am [getting into politics]. Hell no! My relationship with Trump is a 20-year friendship. When we first bought the UFC, nobody wanted us. Trump called us and opened the doors of the Taj Mahal, starting a 20-year partnership." Dana White emphasized this relationship stemmed from mutual respect and Trump's early support for the UFC, not political alignment. He carefully distanced himself from any political endorsement despite acknowledging the historical support.

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