Damian Lillard "snitches" the Reason players care about NBA In Season Tournament

Damian Lillard "snitches" the Reason players care about NBA In Season Tournament


December 7th, 2023

When the NBA In Season Tournament was introduced, many people dismissed it right away. However, with the semifinals scheduled to begin soon, many fans have altered their minds.

Players took it more seriously than expected, resulting in some spectacular games and moments. The Milwaukee Bucks will face the Indiana Pacers in Vegas on Thursday, with Damian Lillard vying for his first championship in his first season with the organization. But he has his eyes set on something else.

Lillard : "I'll just take the money"

When asked what winning the tournament would mean to him, Lillard made it obvious that the prize money is more important to him than the trophy.

"I mean, I wouldn't expect a banner. I think whoever wins it is going to go down in history as the first person to win it. I think that's the beauty in that. But I'll just take the money. Give us what we came here for, and that would be great." : Lillard explained

He is not alone in his feelings. Even his Bucks teammate, Giannis Antetokounmpo, was taken aback when he learned about the prize money following their victory against the New York Knicks. Lillard stated that he would put the money towards helping those in need.

It's also not chump change. During the regular season, NBA players are paid extremely well, but money is money. These are the rewards for each participant in the event.

  1. Win Tournament: $500,000
  2. Win Semifinals: $250,000
  3. Win Quarterfinals: $100,000

Money appears to be a huge motivator, and it has resulted in tournament games being more competitive than expected. Lillard would not go so far as to say the In-Season Tournament has a playoff feel to it.

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