Cristiano Ronaldo stunned by Iconic Undertaker

Cristiano Ronaldo stunned by Iconic Undertaker



February 9th, 2024

The Riyadh Season came to a culminating point with trophy presentation by Icon WWE superstar Undertaker, that left stunned the arena and Cristiano Ronaldo as well. The WWE legend walked out in the arena with his iconic music ahead of the Al-Nassr and Al-Hilal match. The Undertaker then lifted the competition's trophy, as Cristiano Ronaldo laughed before of kickoff.

What Happened?

With the stadium lights turned out but a full moon shown on the large screen and laser lights all over the area, the audience waited to see what would happen next. 
Despite the uncertainty, the Undertaker's presence elicited plaudits from the crowd, who were overjoyed to see him stroll on a carpet extended just over the center line from one side of the stadium to the other.
At the conclusion of his stroll, the legendary boxer came upon a pedestal shrouded in a black cloth. After removing the shroud, Undertaker showed the champion's trophy and lifted it in front of the crowd.

Cristiano Ronaldo was stunned by the Undertaker 

Cristiano Ronaldo was unable to disguise his surprise at witnessing the "Deadman" Undertaker in the midst of the magnificent display, as captured by the several television cameras present at the occasion. 
Like a youngster on his first WWE program, the Portuguese star shifted his focus between the Undertaker and his colleagues to see if else shared his excitement. However, the rest of the squad looked unable to look away from the scene in front of them.

The Bigger Picture

The appearance of the "Deadman" on the kingdom Arena is in fact a partnership between WWE and the General Entertainment Authority. Which in fact is in changer of the six month event Riyadh Season.

The season includes a football tournament, boxing and wrestling shows, concerts, and other cultural activities. All based in Riyadh in efforts in bringing more attention in Saudi Arabia sports.
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