Cristiano Ronaldo joins UFL

Cristiano Ronaldo joins UFL

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December 13th, 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo joins UFL as a 40 million dollar investor, another knockout punch to EA Sports FC. Now both arguably best players in the history (Lionel M,essi ambassador for Konami) are in a "war"  with EA Sports FC. 

For quite some time, sports video game players have been crying for firms to break EA Sports' stranglehold on a variety of fronts. Every year, Madden hits new lows in the eyes of football video game aficionados, and the beloved FIFA brand is not far behind.

EA rebranded the FIFA franchise this year, with the initial incarnation of the new direction dubbed EA Sports FC 24. On metacritic, that game presently has a 2.4 out of 10 user rating. Despite the company's terrible performance in creating sports video games appealing in recent years, consumers have little option but to purchase them for one simple reason: there is no credible competition.

UFL targets EA Sports FC

When it comes to soccer video games, EA's only major opponent has been Konami, whose Pro Evolution Soccer brand has previously been popular, notably in Europe and other international markets. PES has also just rebranded, becoming eFootball in 2021. To be honest, fans have despised the franchise ever since.

A new competition looks to be approaching the market. Soccer fans are hoping that the free-to-play game, dubbed "UFL" and produced by Strikers Inc., will challenge EA and Konami by providing a realistic and exciting game. But they need money and resources to make it happen and bring the game to market.

Cristiano Ronaldo invests in a video game called UFL.

The game received a significant boost on Tuesday when soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo was confirmed as a $40 million investor.

It's a substantial sum of money, as well as a significant increase in UFL's credibility.

Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have long been competitors on the pitch, and they will soon be rivals in the video game business as well. Messi has long been an ambassador for Konami's games.

He appears on the covers of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2020. Messi just posted a video on Instagram asking fans to play eFootball 2024.

With Ronaldo and Messi on opposing clubs, EA suddenly has two competitors to contend with. The trick will be to create a video game capable of unseating the conglomerate's product.

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