Cristiano Ronaldo is set to be investigated for a gesture toward fans

Cristiano Ronaldo is set to be investigated for a gesture toward fans



February 26th, 2024

A investigation has been launched for Cristiano Ronaldo and his alleged inappropriate reaction to additional taunts resembling 'Messi' during his playing time for Al-Nassr. The Portuguese player scored another goal in a 3-2 win against Al-Shabab in the Saudi Pro League on Sunday. In the midst of the game, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner reacted to the crowd chanting the name of his long-standing rival Lionel Messi. After this action Ronaldo can face a ban and a penalty that will Al-Nassr struggling.

What Happened ?

A recent video shows Cristiano Ronaldo signaling towards the spectators after scoring a penalty against Al-Shabab, marking his 34th goal of the season. Authorities in the Middle East have been encouraged to address the issue with many young fans present.

Al-Nassr is eager to protect their influential captain from any accusations, but the Saudi football federation's Disciplinary and Ethics Committee is investigating the situation and will carefully review all evidence before reaching a conclusion.

What Next for Cristiano Ronaldo ?

As reported by the Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, a decision is expected within the next 48 hours, based on information from sources within the committee. They are ready to move swiftly and decisively, with many Saudis feeling let down and upset by Ronaldo’s reported behavior. This behavior hvae raised many critics about the Portuguese superstar.

If Cristiano Ronaldo is found guilty of an offense, he could potentially face a ban, impacting his availability for important matches as his team aims to catch up with Al-Hilal in the Saudi Pro League standings. If he is not penalized, the five-time Ballon d’Or recipient will return to play against Al-Hazm on Thursday. Ronaldo has been part of many incidents lately.

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