Cristiano Ronaldo Devastated as Al NASSR Lose title hopes

Cristiano Ronaldo Devastated as Al NASSR Lose title hopes



March 8th, 2024

Al Nassr is having a hard time, due to multiple  series of events leading to going winless in their last three games even with Cristiano Ronaldo coming back from suspension. Even with Cristiano Ronaldo back in the lineup, his team still suffered a defeat despite his contributions. Al Nassr have only 11 rounds left and their chances have tumbled with Al Hilal leading 9 points ahead of them.

Al Nassr loss to Al Raed with Cristiano Ronaldo Back  

Right from the start, Al-Raed took charge of the game, exploiting Al-Nassr's hesitations to establish an early advantage with Karim El Berkaoui's goal.
Despite Al-Nassr's continued attempts, with Ronaldo's shot narrowly missing the post, Al-Raed stayed calm and extended their lead with Mohamed Fouzair's goal early in the second half.

Al Nassr FC

Cristiano Ronaldo gave his all to inspire his team, even hitting the woodwork once more, but Al Nassr struggled in their attacking efforts. Amir Saayoud's crucial goal came from a poorly defended corner, securing Al-Raed's win and leaving Al-Nassr in shock.

Al-Nassr is facing a challenging situation after going winless for the third time in a row across all competitions, putting their Champions League aspirations in jeopardy. The upcoming match against Al-Ain adds to their troubles, highlighting a grim period for the club.

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