Could Manchester United Have Had Haaland for a Song?

Could Manchester United Have Had Haaland for a Song?



March 6th, 2024

Manchester United fans, brace yourselves! In a recent interview with TheOverlap former Red Devils manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer dropped a bombshell, revealing he urged the club to sign Erling Haaland back in 2018 for a measly €20 million!

This revelation adds another layer to the ongoing saga of "Haaland to Manchester United," a transfer that many fans still dream of seeing happen.

United Missed a Bargain with Haaland

Solskjaer, who managed Haaland at Molde, claims he informed United about the young prodigy's potential as early as June-July 2018. He even urged the club to sign him for a mere €20 million, which, considering Haaland's current market value, would have been an absolute steal. However, according to Solskjaer, the club opted not to pursue the transfer, stating they had "enough reports" on the player.

Missed Opportunity

This news is sure to sting for Manchester United fans, who have watched Haaland blossom into one of the world's most feared strikers at rival club Manchester City. Haaland's prolific goalscoring record and electrifying presence on the pitch make it impossible not to wonder what could have been if United had heeded Solskjaer's advice.

Solskjaer Not the Only One Who Wanted Haaland at Manchester United

Interestingly, Solskjaer's claims are corroborated by reports that United did, in fact, consider signing Haaland in 2018. However, concerns about his injury history and the presence of established strikers like Romelu Lukaku at the time reportedly led them to pass on the opportunity.

While the chances of Haaland leaving Manchester City in the near future seem slim, this revelation reignites the discussion about a potential future move to United. The Red Devils are currently undergoing a rebuild under new manager Erik ten Hag, and a world-class striker like Haaland would undoubtedly be a game-changer for their aspirations.

Only time will tell if Manchester United will ever get their hands on the coveted Norwegian striker. However, one thing is certain: the "Haaland to Manchester United" saga is far from over, and Solskjaer's recent comments have only added fuel to the fire.

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