Canelo Alvarez Children Golf Swings and Boxing Gloves

Canelo Alvarez Children Golf Swings and Boxing Gloves



February 15th, 2024

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, the renowned boxer, may be known for his devastating punches, but when it comes to his children futures, he sees them excelling on the golf course rather than in the boxing ring. In a recent TV Azteca interview, Canelo Alvarez expressed his desire for his children to excel in golf, which is his second sporting passion, instead of boxing.

Canelo Alvarez Discussing His Children Future in Sports

Although his son and daughter display a keen interest in their family's profession, Canelo playfully guides them towards alternative pursuits. He views his youngest daughter as a possible golf prodigy, reflecting his own passion for the game. Formula 1 seems to captivate his son's interest, perhaps inspired by the achievements of Mexican racing star Sergio "Checo" Pérez.

However, it appears that the young Álvarez Jr. is resolute in his pursuit of emulating his father's success. Despite Canelo's intentions to introduce him to the world of boxing in two years, the young individual remains determined to pursue a career in fighting. Canelo chuckles, suggesting that the initial punch could potentially sway his opinion, yet his remark carries a lighthearted sense of admiration for his son's decision.

In addition to his personal goals, Canelo also emphasized his boxing skills, highlighting his power and intelligence in the ring: "I have a strong punch, but I also possess strategic thinking," he affirmed. He describes himself as a strategic fighter, relying on technique and intelligence rather than brute force. "The crucial aspect is my mindset and how I analyze them," he stressed.

He encourages his children to pursue their passions

The interview also delved into the "more agonizing losses" that Canelo has experienced. The 2013 defeat against Floyd Mayweather still lingers vividly in his mind. "I was 23," he remembered, "overwhelmed by the wisdom gained through years of practice. It was painful because if I had defeated the top players, I would have achieved greatness." Despite the setback, Canelo transformed the loss into a valuable learning opportunity, recognizing the valuable lessons it provided both mentally and technically.

Ultimately, Canelo Alvarez, the formidable boxer, may not expect his children to pursue the same career as him. However, this does not diminish his unwavering support for their individual aspirations, whether it be in golf or Formula 1 racing. As he gently steers them towards their interests, he deeply appreciates their decisions, understanding the importance of discovering their own routes to achievement.

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