Angel Di Maria Targeted by Death Threats

Angel Di Maria Targeted by Death Threats



March 27th, 2024

Argentina international footballer Angel Di Maria finds himself at the center of a disturbing situation. Death threats were delivered to his family's home in Rosario, his hometown, after Di Maria expressed his desire to return and finish his career at Rosario Central, his boyhood club.

Angel Di Maria Dreams Of Returning to Rosario Turns Sour

The 36-year-old winger, currently playing for Benfica, is no stranger to top European clubs. He has donned the jerseys of Real Madrid, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, and Juventus. However, his dream of returning to Rosario has turned into a nightmare due to the city's escalating drug violence.

Local media reports indicate that a threatening message was left at the entrance of the private housing estate where Angel Di Maria usually stays. The message, directed at his father, warned Angel Di Maria against returning to Rosario, stating,

"Tell your son Angel not to come back to Rosario because otherwise we'll kill a relative. Not even [provincial governor] Pullaro is going to save you. We don't throw papers. We throw lead and dead people." 

This chilling threat highlights the brazenness of the narco-terrorist groups plaguing Rosario.

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Rosario's Drug Violence and the Rise of Narco-Terrorism

The recent surge in violence has prompted the Argentine government to take action. Defense Minister Luis Petri announced the deployment of armed forces troops and resources to combat the drug trafficking fueling the violence. Rosario Central, Di Maria's former club, also issued a strong statement condemning the threats. This emphasizes the detrimental impact it has on the city's sporting scene and the safety of athletes and their families.

While Angel Di Maria is currently training with the Argentina national team, the situation in Rosario casts a shadow over his future plans. It remains to be seen if he will feel safe enough to return to his hometown club after this disturbing incident.

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